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March 30, 2021


FUNKEY is a password translator app that provides a special input method for passwords. It provides a variety of games and lets users type passwords by playing games.


Design a digital product to solve a security issue when using the smartphone. This project is done for the concept library of OneLab, an internal creative lab of OnePlus.

  • Client


  • Tools

    After Effects, Figma

  • Team

    Team S.P.Y.

  • Responsibility

    Visual Design, Ideation


A password translator. Generate passwords in a fun way.

FUNKEY is a password translator that allows users to generate and input passwords in a fun way. There are a variety of games for them to choose from and to play for inputting passwords. Each user will have their own rules for different games, so they will have all unique passwords in simple ways.


Generate and type your passwords through fun interactions.

Funkey provides a gamified solution to help people manage their passwords in a fun and secure way. It allows users to set up a gamified input to generate different passwords, away from the data breaches.

Play games instead of typing your password one by one

FUNKEY provides a wide selection of games that allow users to freely create online keys

Your password is too fun to forget

For example, tapping the notes to play a favorite melody in your mind can create your password. Although you don’t see the actual password characters behind, your gameplay process is what unlocks the account.

Enjoying top security for online accounts with simple actions

Each password created with FUNKEY is one and only though the user plays the same game for different accounts. FUNKEY encrypts passwords based on 2 factors, one is from the user input and the other one is the exclusive service ID.


Data breach cases keep reminding people their accounts are at risk

There is more and more data breach happening today. As a result, the same username and passwords can cause confidential stuffing.


It’s so difficult to protect your passwords without burdens

Although people are suffering from credential stuffing, they are getting more frustrated managing many different passwords. We conducted a survey for users and interviewed some of them.

“When I don’t know how to make a new password, I always use my birthday with my name capitals.”

“I can tell you that my password contains my dad’s birthday since he taught me how to use a computer when I was very young.”

People always use meaningful information for passwords, such as date of birth, a pet’s name, etc. In this way, they can remember passwords better.


How might we make password inputting secure, easily memorable, and linked with personal experience?


A special experience and powerful methodology to get users motivated

We explore the concept of gamification and try to implement it into our product. The paper also shows that gamification works to motivate.

FUNKEY motivates users to adapt to better password management.

“Gamification is a special experience and powerful design methodology to engage users and help them get motivated.”


More options to enhance your online security with gamified passwords

We came up with several game ideas. When users choose and play a game, their inputs will be recorded and translated to passwords through FunKey. Since FUNKEY does not save users’ passwords, only online services users use will be able to identify and grant access.

Building Block Composition
Rhythm game/beat allocation
TSA lock/casino slots/Adjustable panels
Cooking with ingredients
Mario maker style stage design
Motion/Gesture/eyeball movement
Avatar design
Ceramics design


The message in your game input is only related to you

People are good at memorizing things that are related to themselves. We want to inherit this human nature and let people create unique game input with individual content.

Unforgettable melody since childhood

Sound effect when you catch a pokemon


We don’t save passwords for you. We encrypt your input and make them different

FUNKEY secures your account by making all passwords different. Moreover, FUNKEY would not store your password online but would encrypt your input securely.


Play a game instead of boring keyboard typing

The account creation and login process on your favorite online service or website are very intuitive. We use the Tangram game as an example for wireframes.

Create your password

Input with FUNKEY


1  Select a game mode

2  Create your own pattern

3  Confirm your pattern

Confirm your password

Input with FUNKEY


1  Select a game mode

2  Create your own pattern

3  Confirm your pattern

Enter your password

Input with FUNKEY


1  Select a game mode

2  Create your own pattern

3  Confirm your pattern

Login Successfully


A retro-futuristic style that brings you to an exciting world






Funkey delivers an experimental option for future password input and management

From the project, we learned how to research a social topic and convert our rationales into actionable research.

While digging into the technical solution for privacy issues, we realize how important to work with real expertise. If we want to polish this project, we would like to have an expert review.

FUNKEY provides customized input options. If we have extra time, we will go, and design extra options for users to define their own password input rules, such as the meaning behind their game input, encryption policy.

This project is presented by Team S.P.Y from Pratt Institute.